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Common Faults and Improvement of Roller Screening
Technical articles

Common Faults and Improvement of Roller Screening

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1. Sieve cylinder easy to plug: When the high humidity (water more than 10%), the pulverized coal flow significantly reduced, easy to adhere to the screen tube, kneading, resulting in sieve bar blockage, and then coal plate can not meet the clean-up sieve cylinder coal, the normal screening of the work, resulting in pulverized coal into the crusher, and thus cause the crusher sieve plate was coal dust plugging, work efficiency decreased. In 2010 rainy season, to coal humidity of 20%, drum sieve cylinder block serious, even if the manual cleaning, still can not guarantee the efficiency of screening, crusher handling capacity of only 20t / h, resulting in CFB boiler was forced to stop.

The coal plate can not be separated into the sieve gap, only to clean the sandwiched between the sieve and the coal; and when the coal wet, coal dust in the sieve between the plate clogging, sieve plate cleaning efficiency is significantly reduced, simply can not clean the sieve between the adhesion of wet coal, resulting in sieve cylinder blockage, screening efficiency decreased.
2. The screen tube coupling shaft fracture: the entire weight of 1.5t of the drum, relying on five φ65mm, length 2.9m of the coupling shaft and 15 φ14mm connecting rod will be before the screen tube, after the roller and sieve as one. When the screen tube rotates, it mainly relies on the five coupling shafts to drive the whole of the drum, and the torque is relatively large. The coupling shaft is fixed on the inlet and outlet ends of the sieve cylinder by two fixed plates, and the torque is too concentrated. Tube rotation, by the coal flow erosion, so that 0.5a that is clearly connected to the shaft wear, 1.5a or so that is due to the coupling shaft fracture, resulting in deformation of the screen tube, can not run, you need to change the new screen.
3. The screen tube feed end of the sieve ring wear fast, easy to deformation: the drum sieve inlet is on the screen tube feed end sieve ring. From the belt into the drum sieve of the coal flow, falling from the 3.5m high, along the inlet directly impact the screen tube feed end of the sieve ring, so that the sieve ring wear fast, thinning up to 3mm / a, Impact deformation, resulting in excessive particle size under the screen, affecting the subsequent stable operation of the device.
A. to change the side of the septum shape: in order to make the coal plate can be in-depth sieve ring, to effectively clean up the purpose of sieving coal sieve, by changing the coupling shaft and sieve connected to the square septum shape method to eliminate the impact of coal plate installation depth Of the defects, the comb board into the sieve depth from the original 4 ~ 5mm increased to 12mm, through the sieve ring 2mm, to achieve a thorough clean-up between the sieve and the effect of coal.
B. to increase the connection shaft connection strength and anti-erosion protection: in the sieve cylinder inlet and the shaft coupling shaft fixed, increase the 20mm fixed steel plate, in order to increase the culprit strength, reduce the role of torque; and to prevent the material on the coupling shaft wear, In the sieve at both ends of the shaft on both sides of the increase of 10mm protective steel plate to protect the coupling shaft from coal flow erosion.
C. to extend the width of the drum cylinder feed roller: In order to avoid the coal flow into the sieve cylinder when the direct impact of the feed end of the screen, resulting in serious wear and tear of the problem, to take the screen tube to remove part of the screen, And the appropriate rotation of the circle 20cm (site actual measurement) method, so that the coal flow point to avoid easy to wear deformation of the screen ring, fell to the extension of the rolling plate, to avoid the impact of the sieve ring wear, while easy to late Of the wear and tear repair.

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